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Syringa - Common Purple Lilac
Syringa - Common Purple Lilac
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Syringa - Common Purple Lilac

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Common Purple Lilac is the Scent of Spring

  • Extremely Fragrant Purple Flowers
  • Easy Care
  • Cold Hardy
  • Versatile
  • Butterfly Magnet
  • Not Preferred By Deer

Nothing beats the captivating scent of fresh Lilac in bloom. Lilac oils have been collected from the flowers and used in perfumes and lotions. Modern companies try to recreate the desirable scent for air fresheners and candles, but they'll never top the real deal.

There is something so wonderful about having your very OWN Lilac shrub to welcome spring each year.

Common Purple Lilac (Syringa vulgaris) is one of the best Lilac bushes, and in fact, most of the selections get their roots from the Common Lilac. It was brought from Europe in the 1700's and was bred extensively to come up with many new selections still being grown today.

The delightfully fragrant flowers are large and profuse, and they provide fantastic spring color. They are showy in the landscape and make knockout cut flower arrangements. You'll create happy memories with this plant.

Lovely clusters of lavender flowers grow from the branch tips in mid spring. They make a wonderful contrast to the dark green, heart-shaped leaves.

This large, care free woody shrub has been a favorite for generations because they are so easy to grow. It is very hardy and can withstand really severe winters down to -40 degrees! Ancient Lilacs have been found growing around old farmsteads that are hundreds of years old.

The extreme hardiness of this plant makes it excellent for exposed windy locations in those cold areas. Include Lilacs in windbreaks and shelterbelts for color and fragrance.

You won't have to worry about this plant! For the best results, plant Common Purple Lilac in well-drained soil in a spot where it gets full sun for most of the day.

Lilac is a wonderful addition to any landscape in growing zones 3 - 7 across North America.